What is the Yeti Gear Garage? Everything you need to know about the annual gear extravaganza

Yeti drinkware in limited edition Stone colors
Two limited edition Stone colors were among the drops in last year's Gear Garage event (Image credit: Yeti)

Yeti is known for its super tough outdoor gear, which carries a premium price tag and rarely goes on sale. The official store occasionally knocks down the price of a colorway that is being discontinued, or offers free customization on drinkware for a limited period, but you won't see deep discounts on a regular basis.

The company doesn't even hold a Black Friday sale in the traditional sense; last year it offered two free water bottles with purchases above a certain amount, but no price cuts. However, in November it does something arguable even better for fans of the cult brand, rolling up the door to its Gear Garage for an annual extravaganza of all things outdoors.

What is the Yeti Gear Garage?

The Yeti Gear Garage is an opportunity to grab coolers, drinkware, and other gear in rare, discontinued colors, special edition shades, and re-releases of old favorites. You might also see discontinued products making a comeback for a limited time, or even something brand new.

The event typically lasts a week, with a new drop landing each day. Stock of each item is limited and once it's gone, it's gone. At the end of the week, that's it – unsold items are put back into storage for a future event.

When does the Gear Garage open?

The Gear Garage typically opens the week of Black Friday, and last year's event started on Tuesday November 21. The date for the 2024 Gear Garage event has yet to be announced, but it could well open on November 26.

What were last year's drops?

Some of last year's drops included drinkware in two new textured finishes (Black Stone and White Stone), a re-release of King Crab Orange, and a new ice cube tray for the branded ice you didn't know you needed.

We also saw a return of Chartreuse (an acid yellow-green that's usually hard to find, but always hard to miss) and hard-sided Tundra coolers in Coral.

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