This software update gives your Amazfit watch new AI-powered voice controls

Amazfit Balance smartwatch
(Image credit: Amazfit)

The Amazfit Balance smartwatch has been updated with a new AI conversation engine, called Zepp Flow, designed to improve the way you interact with your GPS watch.

The multisport-friendly Balance, which was launched last September with various health and fitness tracking capabilities, had a software update in December that brought in some cycling-specific features. It has now become the range’s first smartwatch to be upgraded with the company’s ZeppOS 3.5 operating system. 

Updates include support for offline maps, which can be downloaded through the Zepp app and also professional global ski maps that will automatically be displayed when you’re in ski mode and near a resort.

But the centerpiece of this latest upgrade is Zepp Flow (Zepp Health is the company that owns Amazfit) although it’s only available in the US at the moment.

Zepp Flow allows for natural language interactions, so that the user can control watch functions and access information vocally.

Amazfit Balance special editions

Update you Amazfit Balance now and even your meditation experience will get an upgrade (Image credit: Amazfit)

Zepp functions include:

Health data monitoring: Commands like “Check my heart rate,” “Measure my current body composition,” or “What’s my readiness for today?” will provide instant access to vital health information.

Workout initiation: Start a workout with, “Start my Strength training exercise” or “Go Outdoor Cycling”

Music control: Users can play music, skip tracks, or set the playback mode by voice commands alone.

System settings control: Settings such as volume, screen brightness or the watch’s default language can be achieved verbally with commands like “Increase the volume to 50%” or “Set the language on my watch to Spanish”.

App navigation: Just say an app’s name to open or navigate to it. What could be simpler?

Aside from the Zepp Flow excitement, other upgrades included with ZeppOS 3.5 include sync image messages (so you don’t have to keep checking your phone for messages from apps like WhatsApp); improved health and fitness tracking (there’s even a meditation tracker!); improved readiness monitoring; and increases accuracy for heart rate monitoring and the body composition algorithm model.

You can download the new operating system through the Zepp app.