Bear attacks sleeping camper in Montana and returns despite bear spray

Black bear walking along trail, Minnesota
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A woman was attacked by a black bear last week while camping by a river in Montana last week. Local news site The Laurel Outlook reports that the incident took place early in the morning by Middle Fork Flathead River, where the woman was leading a rafting trip with one other guide and three guests.

The attack was brief and the woman's injuries were "non life-threatening". She was taken to Logan Health hospital in nearby Whitefish for treatment.

In a statement, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) explained that someone deployed bear spray at the camp, but the bear returned several times.

FWP is currently investigating and searching for the bear in partnership with the National Park Service and US Forest Service.

Potentially dangerous

Montana is home to both black bears and grizzlies. Attacks on humans are rare, but there are steps all campers and hikers should take to avoid close calls.

"All bears are potentially dangerous," says FWP. "The majority of human-bear conflicts involve bears protecting their young or a food source. The overwhelming majority of bear encounters do not involve conflict."

For more advice, see our guides what to do if you meet a bear and wildlife safety: eight tips for unexpected encounters.

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