This new Casio G-Shock watch is made with an alloy four times harder than titanium

Close-up of Casio G-Shock MRG-B2100B-1A watch face
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has unveiled the first in a new series of G-Shock analog watches, made using a combination of titanium and an alloy four times harder called Cobarion.

The G-Shock MRG-B2100B-1A has the same octagonal face shape as the original GA-2100, with a case and bezel made from titanium alloy Ti64, which is known for its high strength to weight ratio, and is often used in aircraft and marine vessels due to its corrosion resistance.

The top of the bezel is made from Cobarion, which is even harder and is more commonly used in medical applications like artificial joints as it contains no nickel. 

The pattern on the face is inspired by Japanese kigumi, which is a traditional form of wood joinery that uses precise carving with no glue or hardware like screws or nails. This means the joints have some flexibility, which helps structures built this way to survive earthquakes. To create a similar effect, each of the watch's individually polished components has a small buffer for shock absorption.

As Casio fan site G-Central explains, this is the first watch in the GA-2100 series with a full analog display, and includes automatic hand home position correction, so the hands aren't shifted by shocks. According to Casio, it should remain accurate to within 15 seconds per month. 

Its rechargeable battery should last around five months in normal use on a single charge without exposure to sunlight, or longer with solar charging. The lattice design of the face allows light to penetrate through to a photovoltaic layer underneath.

Light shining through perforated Casio G-Shock MRG-B2100B-1A watch face

(Image credit: Casio)

Although it's not a GPS watch, it does have Bluetooth connectivity. This means it can connect to the Casio app on your phone so you can more easily adjust its settings, set the time and location, and configure auto time adjustment. You can also use the watch to find your phone, provided it's within Bluetooth range.

The watch will be available to buy direct from Casio in June, with a price of ¥649,000 (approximately £4,100). International pricing and release details are yet to be announced.

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