Download this software update to give your Garmin watch a huge upgrade for free

Man using Garmin Forerunner 945 watch
(Image credit: Garmin)

Garmin is rolling out a huge software update for older Forerunner watches that introduces some of the best features from the company's latest devices. It's great news if you've been tempted to upgrade to the Garmin Forerunner 255 or Forerunner 955, but your existing watch is still in good condition and it's tough to justify the expense.

As Gadgets & Wearables reports, the new software upgrade for the Forerunner 245, 745, and 845 includes real time stamina (first introduced with the Garmin Forerunner 55 last year), which lets you see how your energy is depleting during a run or ride so you can adjust your effort accordingly. If you still have plenty in the tank then you know you can push yourself a little harder, whereas if your stamina is draining rapidly you might want to dial back the effort.

The older watches are also getting Garmin's new Training Readiness score, which is similar to a car fuel gauge, and clearly shows how well rested and prepared you are for the day's workouts. It's not just based on the previous night's sleep – it's much more personal, factoring in your acute training load, recovery from recent workouts, heart rate variability, sleep history, and stress history.

Older watches are also getting Native Running Power, which means that when connected to a Garmin HRM heart rate monitor or Running Dynamics Pod, your watch will be able to show how much energy you're outputting during workouts.

How to get the update

As always, the software update also fixes various minor bugs. The software update is currently a release candidate, which means it's nearly ready to be rolled out globally, assuming no issues are discovered.

People who have joined Garmin's public beta program will receive it automatically through the Garmin Connect app within the next couple of days. Alternatively, just sit tight for a few weeks and you should get the final version when testing is complete.

Despite their age, the Forerunner 245, 745, and 945 are still some of the best Garmin watches around, so it's good to see the company continuing to support them, not only with big fixes, but whole new features. It's also great news if you want to upgrade your watch, but are on a tight budget that won't stretch to the latest models. Older watches are available with steep discounts, making them much more affordable, and we've rounded up the best prices for these three for you below.

Cat Ellis

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