Discover the new ankle-worn fitness tracker for hikers who don’t mind being mistaken for felons

EVOLVE MVMT ankle fitness tracker
EVOLVE MVMT ankle fitness tracker (Image credit: EVOLVE MVMT)

Next time you see someone wearing an electronic device around their ankle, don’t be too quick to judge. Because they might not have been electronically tagged so the police can keep keep track of their whereabouts; they might actually be tracking their own fitness with the latest piece of wearable tech.

EVOLVE MVMT has released an ankle-worn fitness tracker that provides real-time feedback for walkers and hikers via a smartphone app. It’s designed to promote what the company calls “light walking”, a walking technique that allegedly helps reduce injuries while increasing calorie burn. 

EVOLVE MVMT ankle fitness tracker and app

The EVOLVE MVMT comes with a dedicated app that keeps track of your gait (Image credit: EVOLVE MVMT)

According to EVOLVE MVMT, light walking increases large muscle activation while maintaining joint health and good posture.

“Humans have not optimally evolved to the demands of our fundamental mode of movement – walking,” says EVOLVE MVMT, which may be true, but they clearly think we can evolve further. “With the simple prompt of 'light walking', your brain is activating both your nervous system and your muscles to enhance your walking performance. Improved muscle control decreases the stress on your joints, preserving your joints for longer into the future while increased muscle activity burns up to 36% more energy, aiding in the pursuit of weight loss.”

The app, which is available for Android and Apple smartphone users, provides patented gait analysis by tracking each footstep and heel strike, comparing them to an optimal gait pattern. Users can sense vibrations when their steps differ from the correct technique, prompting them to quickly learn the new method. Poor steps are also highlighted on the app. From the data, wearers are also rated on their walking form on a scale of 1 to 10 and given tips to improve their performance.

So if you don’t mind being mistaken for a fitness-obsessed criminal, you can order the EVOLVE MVMT direct from the company’s own site for $499.