G-Shock meets the Galapagos for a trio of conservation-themed watches

G-Shock Galapagos-themed GW-B5600CD trio with animal details
G-Shock Galapagos-themed GW-B5600CD trio with animal details on the screens (Image credit: G-Shock)

Christmas is coming and here’s the perfect present for that conservation-conscious animal lover who never turns up anywhere on time in your life. 

Casio, purveyor of super-tough chronometer range G-Shock, has teamed up with non-profit conservation group The Charles Darwin Foundation to create a trio of watches with a Galapagos Islands theme, complete with endangered wildlife embellishments (you did notice what was on the watches’ screens in the main image above, right?).

Each watch features a unique LED backlight graphic of a Galapagos animal and an engraved case back with a tortoise logo. And they are:

G-Shock teams up with The Charles Darwin Foundation for Galapagos-themed GW-B5600CD trio

Galapagos G-Shocks have an animal attraction (Image credit: Casio)
  • The black and blue GW-B5600CD-1A2, with blue-tinted LCD display and hammerhead shark LED backlight
  • The black and green GW-B5600CD-1A3, with green-tinted LCD display and Darwin’s finch LED backlight
  • The yellow GW-B5600CD-9, with Galapagos giant tortoise LED backlight

In alignment with the green theme, all these models are made from bio-based resins and come in environmentally-friendly packaging. On the wristbands you’ll find the Spanish phrase, “Apoyo la conservación de Galápagos” which means, “I support the preservation of the Galapagos.” (Other eco-friendly outdoors brands are available.)

In terms of functionality, the GW-B5600 has the same functions as the full-metal GMW-B5000 and full-carbon GCW-B5000, including Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6 auto radio time adjustment and Bluetooth smartphone link. They measure 48.9mm x 42.8mm x 13.4mm and weigh 53g each.

G-Shock Galapagos-themed GW-B5600CD on the back

Giant Galapagos tortoises adorn the backs of these watches (Image credit: casio)

This eco-minded trio is set to be released in Japan on 8 December 8, with a price tag of ¥26,400 each (that’s around $175 / £140), after which it’s expected to be released worldwide.

The Charles Darwin Foundation is an international nonprofit organization that operates the Charles Darwin Research Station. It is the first international organization to engage in conservation activities in the Galápagos Islands, starting in 1959. Currently, it has over 100 staff members from all over the world involved in a range of activities, including surveying the Galápagos Islands’ marine and terrestrial life and ecosystems, promoting island nature conservation efforts, and providing environmental education to local residents.

G-Shock GW-B5600CD-1A2

The detail on the face of the G-Shock GW-B5600CD-1A2 (Image credit: Casio)