Your Garmin watch is getting a bumper bundle of bug fixes

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Garmin has released a bundle of bug fixes for many of its most popular watches, including the Garmin Fenix 7 and Enduro 2, as well as a new software release that solves the stability problems caused by a recent beta update for the Instinct 2.

Software beta version 13.14 is compatible with the Fenix 7, Enduro 2, Epix (Gen 2), Quatix 7, and Marq (Gen 2) watches. As NotebookCheck explains, it follows hot on the heels of beta version 13.13, which arrived last week, suggesting that a stable release may be rolled out to all users soon.

Beta version 13.14 only adds one new feature: the ability to access the race widget through the calendar. Most of its changes are fixes, including an adjustment that corrects a problem with the step goal in the Morning Report, a tweak that solves an issue with the strength workout widget, and a change that improves map interaction. 

For full details and how to get the update, check out Garmin's release notes on the company's forums.

Instinct 2 update

Earlier this week, Garmin issued an apology for a beta update that caused some owners' watches to crash, or even freeze on a loading screen. Taking part in a beta testing program always comes with risks, but bugs in beta software releases rarely cause such serious stability issues.

The company explained how to uninstall the update, even if your watch refuses to boot, and promised a new software fix soon.

Now the company has released software beta version 12.15, which improves stability and should solve reported problems including rapid battery drain and activities failing to save or being discarded. Again, you can find full release notes and installation instructions on Garmin's forums.

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