Two new Garmin watches are on the way – but neither of them is the Fenix 8

Garmin Approach S62 watch showing golf course map
(Image credit: Garmin)

Two new Garmin watches are coming soon according to reports published by the Singapore Telecoms Licensing System (TLS) – though neither is the long-awaited Garmin Fenix 8 or a new version of the Garmin Epix.

The new listings, spotted by Polly Allcock of Notebookcheck, describe a pair of GPS golf smartwatches with Wi-Fi, ANT+, and Bluetooth connectivity. There's no further information about the pair, but it's possible that they may be successors to the Garmin Approach S62, which launched back in February 2020.

If so, the pair look like they'll be a big improvement on their predecessor. The S62 lacks Wi-Fi, so although it comes with plenty of golf courses pre-loaded, adding new maps is a time-consuming process. The addition of Wi-Fi means that the new watches may well be compatible with Garmin's Map Manager app, which debuted with the Fenix 7 and makes it simple to download new maps directly from your wrist.

Wi-Fi connectivity also means it'll be easier and faster to download software updates, which will download directly to your watch rather than via a Bluetooth connection to your phone.

The Approach S62 has a 72mm case, and it seems likely that the new watch (probably named the Approach S64) will be available in two sizes, which would explain the pair of model numbers: A04431 and A04432.

What is the TLS?

Before a device capable of broadcasting radio signals can be sold in a country, it has to be tested to make sure it meets local regulations, and doesn't interfere with bands used for things like emergency services.

Most countries keep their lists of recently approved devices private, but the TLS publishes daily updates, which can give us an early insight into forthcoming releases.

In the US, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) serves the same purpose. It also publishes a list of newly greenlit devices, along with reports of its testing processes. These are usually heavily redacted to remove any information that might give competitors an unfair advantage, but can still be useful for gleaning extra info if you're considering buying a new smartwatch and want to make sure it's not about to be superseded by a new release.

It looks like the pair of new golf watches have yet to be approved for sale in the US, which means they're unlikely to launch for a while yet, but I'll keep my ear to the ground and bring you more news when I have it.

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