Garmin releases important software update for your old watch

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Garmin has released a new beta software update for several of its older GPS watches, including the Fenix 6, Quatix 6, Tactix Delta, and the original Enduro.

As Notebookcheck reports, software version beta 25.86 resolves several problems that surfaced following the release of version 25.85, including an issue that could make your watch shut down unexpectedly if you received a smart notification while tracking an activity.

There's also a fix that resolves a problem where your watch might crash while you are choosing a PacePro program (a tool that calculates a pacing strategy for you based on the elevation of your chosen course).

How to get the update

To get the new update, you'll need to be part of Garmin's public beta testing program. This will let you try out new software early in exchange for providing your feedback and helping spot bugs before it's rolled out to all users. It's easy to sign up (see how to join Garmin's public beta testing program), but before you do, make sure you're aware of the potential risks by checking our list of reasons why you should and shouldn't download beta software to your watch,

Garmin recently changed the way beta software updates work, allowing you to install them via Wi-Fi rather than by plugging your watch into a computer. As Garmin's forums explain, you can download software version beta 25.86 either way. If you choose to do it the old-fashioned way, you'll find links for the different watch models on the forum post, along with instructions describing how to install it.

Here you'll also find a list of all the changes implemented between versions 25.10 and 25.86, including the addition of a new obstacle course activity, an improved algorithm for calculating calories burned during swimming sessions, and an update for the skiing activity that allows it to differentiate between time spent on chair lifts and skiing downhill.

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