Garmin's latest update brings over 200 changes and bug fixes to your watch

Garmin Fenix 7 watch on woman's wrist
The new beta update allows you to preview forthcoming workout suggestions (Image credit: Future)

Garmin's software updates continue to roll out at speed, and if you own a Fenix 7, Epix (Gen 2), or Quatix 7 watch then you can now install the 9.28 beta to get access to a wealth of new features, tools, and big fixes.

Perhaps the biggest addition with 9.28 is a new heart rate variability (HRV) widget, which helps you understand how your body is reacting to life's stresses and strains at a glance.

You'll now also get notifications when your suggested workouts have been updated to help you prepare for a race, Virtual Caddie support for golfing, support for e-bikes, the ability to see an overview of forthcoming suggested workouts, and much more. You can check out the full list on Garmin's forums.

As TizenHelp explains, this beta update also fixes several bugs identified by testers in the 9.28 alpha release. These include fixing run/walk/idle splits for multi-sport activities, fixing an issue where users were sometimes unable to edit their sleep/wake times, and solving a problem where tide area names sometimes refused to show.

How to get the update

According to Garmin, its beta software releases are very close to the final release candidates, and are therefore pretty safe to download (we can't promise you won't encounter any issues, but we've downloaded it to our Garmin Fenix 7 without issue). If you want to take it for a spin, just join Garmin's public beta testing program, make sure automatic software updates are enabled on your watch, and you should receive it automatically when your device syncs with Garmin Connect.

Prefer to wait for the final release? Just hang on a little longer and the finished update should be rolled out to everyone soon.

Cat Ellis

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