Garmin's new heart rate monitor has just leaked – again

Man running with chest strap heart rate monitor
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It looks like Garmin is about to launch a brand new heart rate monitor, and it could arrive any day now. The Garmin HRM-Pro Plus will be a new chest strap style device, similar to the existing HRM-Pro, but will provide extra information on indoor runs.

We got our first glimpse of the HRM-Pro Plus last month, when the device briefly appeared on Garmin's own website as part of a bundle together with the Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar sports watch. The listing was swiftly pulled, but we've now had a second glimpse that suggests the new monitor is nearly ready for launch.

As the5krunner reports, the HRM-Pro Plus appeared on Amazon's Dutch website, labelled with a launch date of 12 July. However, the listing has now been taken down, and there's no trace of the device on Amazon's other international stores, so it looks like it may have been listed prematurely.

Advnture also spotted the device listed on Danish retailer Eventyr Sport, but that page was also pulled.

When is the HRM-Pro Plus coming?

Here at Advnture we've been keeping a close eye out for devices that have been approved for sale in the US by the Federal Communications Commission (the body that licenses devices that use wireless communication tech, such as Bluetooth) and we've not spotted anything that looks like the HRM-Pro Plus yet.

Nor has the device been listed by the Singapore Telecoms Licensing System, which greenlights devices in the same way before they go on sale in the country.

Now that the HRM-Pro Plus has been spotted in several different locations we're quite confident that it will arrive soon, but the release date is still up in the air.

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