Huge Coros firmware update adds turn-by-turn navigation and custom faces to your watch

Man rock climbing wearing Coros Vertix 2 watch
(Image credit: Coros)

Coros has released a major firmware update for its GPS watches, which adds heaps of new features to devices including the Pace 2, Apex 2, Apex 2 Pro, and Vertix 2. The new firmware, released today, adds turn-by-turn navigation, the ability to create custom watch faces, custom watermarked photos, and lots more.

Earlier this year, Coros released a brand new mobile app, which includes a powerful tool for creating your own routes and sending them straight to your watch. The new turn-by-turn navigation function makes these courses even easier to use by  providing on-screen indicators to help you stay on track. Turn-by-turn navigation is currently available in beta for the Vertix 2, Apex 2, and Apex 2 Pro. If you want to be part of the testing program, you can sign up on the Coros website, where you'll also find a form for submitting feedback.

Coros watch render with turn-by-turn navigation on screen

Turn-by-turn navigation is currently in public beta testing (Image credit: Coros)

The August firmware update makes it easier to share your custom routes, which you can now do by sharing a link via text message or social media. Selecting the link will open the route and show data including elevation, distance, and waypoints.

Trail runners can now create custom workouts in Trail Run mode, complete with elevation goals. Once you've finished any workout, you can select a photo to watermark with stats such as badges earned, distance covered that month, and daily training. Once you've got everything looking how you want, you can share the watermarked picture with friends via social media via the Coros app.

You can create a custom face for your Coros watch, too. Take your pick from a range of analog and digital styles, and either add your own photo as a background or choose one from Coros.

See the release notes for a full list of all changes and updates included in the August 2023 updates.

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