I use these running headphones every day, and they're cheaper than ever for Amazon Prime Day

Woman wearing Shokz OpenRun Pro headphones
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For Amazon Prime Day, you can get the Shokz OpenRun Pro headphones for just $125.95. That's a saving of 31% off the regular price, and the cheapest these superb bone conduction headphones have ever been.

I tested the Shokz OpenRun Pro for Advnture's sister site TechRadar last year, and immediately went and bought my own pair. They transmit sound to your inner ear using vibrations in your facial bones, leaving your ear canals open so you can hear what's happening around you while you run. That's incredibly helpful for general safety, and essential for races where they're often the only type of headphones permitted.

If you're not in the US, scroll down for the best deals on the Shokz OpenRun Pro headphones where you are. You might also want to check our Advnture's roundup of the best Amazon Prime Day Garmin deals for offers on running watches.

Shokz OpenRun Pro:$179.95$124.95 at AmazonSave $55

Shokz OpenRun Pro: $179.95 $124.95 at Amazon
Save $55 Bone conduction headphones like these let you hear traffic and other hazards while still enjoying your music, and this pair deliver fantastic sound too. They've hit a record low price for Prime Day, and come highly recommended.

What really sets the OpenRun Pro apart from the competition, in my opinion, is the sound quality. I love running to rock, and these are the only bone conduction headphones I've found that really deliver when it comes to bass. They're super light and comfortable too, and I can easily wear them for hours without any discomfort or pinching.

If you're not in the US, here are the best Shokz OpenRun Pro deals where you are:

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