If your Garmin watch's training status has disappeared, don't worry – there's a fix

Trail runner checking her GPS watch
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If you've noticed that the training status (productive, maintaining, unproductive etc) and race time predictions are suddenly missing from your Garmin watch, you're not alone. Several users have reported that their watches are no longer displaying certain key fitness stats, despite having recorded several recent activities.

Thankfully, there's no need to worry – the cause of the problem has been identified, and a fix is expected to be issued early next week.

The problem only affects people who have downloaded the recent public alpha software update for Fenix 7 watches. The update gave users the opportunity to try several new features early, including improved VO2 Max reporting and an e-bike activity profile. However, taking part in public testing means there's always a chance that you'll encounter a few bugs; indeed, discovering and reporting these is the whole point of the program.

"We will spend a few days verifying that our solution behaves as expected," a spokesperson posted on Garmin's testing program forums. "Once verified, we will have a new release of version 9.xx available for all public alpha/beta users to install. This new version is expected to be available early next week.

"This also means that it will not be necessary for any users to master reset their watches in order to remove this issue. Updating to the next version of software (once available) should be the only necessary step for correcting your training status."

Cat Ellis

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