If your old Garmin watch keeps shutting down unexpectedly, there's now a fix

Woman wearing Garmin Fenix 6S watch
(Image credit: Garmin)

If you own a Garmin Fenix 6 watch and have been struggling with frustrating unexpected shutdowns, there's now a fix that should help. Garmin has just released a new beta software update that resolves a known issue where the watch sometimes powers down when users access the music player or Garmin Pay.

The Fenix 6 was superseded by the Fenix 7 earlier this year, but Garmin is continuing to support it with regular updates that fix bugs and occasionally even add new features. As TizenHelp reports, this latest release is a relatively minor update, but could still be a game-changer if you're experiencing regular shutdowns.

The 22.85 also fixes several bugs related to the watch's user interface: one that affected the strength activity timer, one that caused problems with the heart rate variability status widget, and one that caused the acute load history graph to look wonky.

How to get the update

To get the update now, you'll need to join Garmin's public beta testing program, which you can do by following our quick guide. Once that's done, just wait a little while and the update should be installed automatically when your watch syncs with Garmin Connect.

You're unlikely to run into any serious problems installing Garmin's beta updates, but since you're joining a testing program, there's a chance that you might come across bugs that you have to report. If you'd rather let other people handle the testing, have patience and the finished stable 22.85 update should land on your phone within the next few weeks.

Cat Ellis

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