Retailer leaks details of upcoming Garmin Instinct 2X watch

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An online hunting supplies store appears to have accidentally published a listing page for the rumored Garmin Instinct 2X watch. The store EuroOptic briefly hosted pages for both standard and solar versions of the watches. Both were swiftly removed (possibly after prompting from Garmin) but not before they were saved by Google's automatic caching system,

The listings for these new Garmin watches were spotted by Marko Maslakovic, founder of Gadgets & Wearables. As he explains, the devices have the UPC (universal product code) of 753759319434 and MPN (manufacturer part number) of 010-02805-15. There are two versions of the watch mentioned: solar and tactical.

Last week, I shared the news that an extra large Garmin Instinct 2 had received approval for sale in the US, but this is the first time we've seen it referred to by name. However, it's worth taking everything here with a pinch of salt. These are only skeleton pages that weren't ready for public viewing, and don't necessarily mean we'll be strapping these exact watches onto our wrists any time soon.

Colors and prices

The Instinct 2X Solar Tactical Edition is listed in two colorways: black and coyote tan. The Instinct 2X Solar appears to be available in moss, which is presumably a muted shade of green.

No photos are available, and both these watches are listed at $499.99, which is almost certainly just a placeholder. Garmin Instinct Tactical Edition watches always cost more than their civilian counterparts due to extra features like stealth mode (which stops wireless communications), night vision mode, and Jumpmaster for skydiving.

Interestingly, these appear to be different from the Garmin Instinct 2 EMS watch that I spotted on the company's UK website. This appears to be a device aimed specifically at emergency medical workers, and might include features like a flashlight and more readily available stopwatch to help when checking patients' vitals.

I'll keep my ear to the ground for further news and leaks, and bring you more information as soon as I have it.

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