Watch this cute wombat find new use for hiker’s trekking poles

Wombat in Tasmania, Australia
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Hiking in Australia can lead to some unique – and often perilous – animal encounters. There are far too many dangerous critters you’d do best avoiding down under in Oz. Even their birds are hard as nails – and we’re not just talking about cassowaries – the 'world’s most dangerous bird' with a (literally) killer kick and razor sharp talons; even Aussie magpies are like dive-bombing muggers.

Adult wombats may look cute and comical,  but it’s sensible to be wary of these guys too, if you’re not familiar with them, as they do have a nasty bite and can be quite vicious. Luckily, Jess & Benny  – of Jess & Benny Adventures on Instagram and TikTok – know what they’re doing around the goofy marsupials, if the number of wombat-related vids are anything to go by

Which is probably why they knew this wombat wasn’t going to cause any problems when they went hiking on Maria Island (a mountainous island located in the Tasman Sea, off the east coast of Tasmania) and the critter decided to put Jess’s trekking poles to an unexpected use.


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Yep, you thought they were trekking poles but they’re really wombat scratching posts.

Although one commenter responding to the video suggested that the wombat was actually twerking. while another mused that it might be a frustrated pole dancer.

Note the way Jess doesn’t make a move to touch, stroke of feed the wombat, though.  as no matter how “tame” the wildlife might seem, guidance dictates you should let them do their thing with as little interference as possible (as much for your own safety as for theirs).

But this wombat wanders off quite happily after its close encounter. 

Just in case you’re interested (and a couple of commenters on the video were) Jess is wearing Merrell Rogue Hiker Mid boots, and we don’t even think she was being sponsored to wear them.