There are still limited edition goodies in the Yeti Gear Garage, but it closes soon

Close-up of Yeti cooler in Coral
(Image credit: Yeti)

The Yeti Gear Garage is still open, with coolers and drinkware in rare and limited edition colors, but Yeti says the doors will soon shut for another year, so it's your last chance to snap them up.

The Gear Garage is an annual event that brings back old favorites, plus special editions and even some new products (like a stackable Yeti branded ice cube tray). One new product or color is added every day for a week, and once they're gone, they're gone until next year.

Many products have already sold out, but you can still grab a Yeti Tundra 45 or Tundra 35 hard cooler in limited edition chartreuse (which is both hard to find and hard to miss), the wheeled Yeti Tundra Haul in aquifer blue, or the Yeti Rambler half gallon water jug in tropical reef blue.

This year's holiday deal is still running too, letting you grab two free Yeti Yonder water bottles when you spend $200 (including items in the Gear Garage).

Get two free Yeti Yonder water bottles when you spend $200 at

Get two free Yeti Yonder water bottles when you spend $200 at
Yeti is offering two free Yonder 750ml water bottles in colors of your choice when you spent $200 in its online store. Each of these bottles is worth $25, so that's a great holiday deal. The offer ends when stock runs out.

Yeti rarely does deals and discounts, and each of these bottles is worth $25 by itself, so this offer is well worth checking out.

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