Adidas SP0057 Sport Sunglasses review: stylish action eyewear for all kinds of activities

Style and technology combine in Adidas SP0057 Sport Sunglasses to produce the ultimate running eyewear (and they’re ideal for bike rides too)

Woman wearing Adidas SP0057 Sport Sunglasses
(Image: © Kim Fuller)

Advnture Verdict

Good-looking and well-designed, the Adidas SP0057 range of sport sunglasses are high-functioning performers on the trails, whether you’re running or riding. They are lightweight, flexible and don’t fog up in variable conditions.


  • +

    TR90 wrap fame is very lightweight and flexible

  • +

    HDC lenses highlight colors and contrast for all light conditions

  • +

    Adjustable nose pads make for a more comfortable fit

  • +

    Sport-focused technology with fashion-forward style

  • +

    Aeration system prevents lens fog


  • -

    Opaque mirrored lens options aren’t ideal in low light

  • -

    Wide variant in price range with lens type

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Adidas SP0057 Sport Sunglasses: first impressions

It’s difficult to find one pair of sport sunglasses that do it all, but Adidas SP0057 Sport Sunglasses prove it’s not impossible. Whether you want to run, bike, ski tour or simply bust some style, the Adidas SP0057s check all the boxes — especially the style known as 02L, which is photochromatic with lenses that adjust to variations in light conditions. They’ll definitely be vying for a place in the next update of our best trail running sunglasses buying guide.


• List price: $227(US) / £117 (UK) / €150 (EU)
• Weight: 32g / 1oz
• Category: 3
• Material: TR90 wrap frame
• Lens options: Mirror / Polarized / Photochromatic
• Size options:  Unisex, one size
• UV protection: 100%
VLT: 15%
• Suitability: Trail and road running, cycling

Marcolin, an international eyewear company founded in Italy, was specifically chosen by Adidas to design and be the official licensee of Adidas eyewear, because of their ability to access premium materials. And that quality is very apparent with all the Adidas eyewear I’ve tested.

The frame material provided by Marcolin is called TR90, a nylon and carbon fiber composite, which is ultra-lightweight, flexible and resistant to accidental impacts. The aeration system of the Adidas SP0057s sits right above the nose near the center of the brow line with nine holes to prevent fogging, and the adjustable nose pads and flexible temples with rubber on the interior make for personalized comfort and a grip that doesn’t give way.

Adidas SP0057 Sport Sunglasses: on the trails

Woman wearing Adidas SP0057 Sport Sunglasses

Adidas SP0057 Sport Sunglasses have a great aeration systems that prevents fogging (Image credit: Kim Fuller)

I first tested a pair of Adidas SP0057s on a fall morning trail run in Sedona, Arizona, and the lightweight frame stayed put with no bounce. We started on a chilly morning, so I was wearing a headband and neck warmer, a combination that will often fog-up certain sunglasses. However, the aeration system of the SP0057s worked wonders, and I had no issue with fogging at all during my testing period.

Woman wearing Adidas SP0057 Sport Sunglasses

Adidas SP0057 Sport Sunglasses have adjustable nose pads and flexible temples making them extremely secure on your face (Image credit: Kim Fuller)

The Adidas SP0057 02L is photochromatic, with lenses that adjust to variations in light conditions but for this test we used the SP0057 92Zs. We had some visibility issues with their violet, mirrored lenses in low-light canyons, but as soon as we popped back up into the sun they were ideal (see also: Polarized vs non-polarized sunglasses: which do you need?).

Once we headed out to mountain bike in the afternoon, the Adidas SP0057 92Zs were perfect for shielding the bright sun, and they stayed put as I bounced and rolled over red rocks. The lightweight and flexible frames sat on my face effortlessly so I was able to focus on the trail rather than adjusting the shades.

Kim Fuller
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