Danner Women’s FP Movement Jag Quilt hiking boots review: a casual day hiker with funky flare

This limited edition boot revives an 80s classic with stylish quilted panels for a warm walking boot that wears well in the city as well as a country trail

Danner Women’s FP Movement Jag Quilt boots
(Image: © Future)

Advnture Verdict

These retro-styled, non-technical boots are built for those who like to hike without compromising on fashion, but between the insulation uppers and stiff soles, they offer a good amount of protection on cold and wet walks


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    No breaking in required

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    Decent protection

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    Not for icy trails

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    Too warm for hot weather

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Danner Women’s FP Movement Jag Quilt hiking boots: first impressions 

Danner has been crafting retro-style hiking boots for decades, and in the Women’s FP Movement Jag Quilt, they've built a boot that you can wear from the city right onto the trail. The original Jag was released in the 1980s as a lightweight alternative to their heavier boots, and this limited edition revival embraces funky style, but delivers some real protection against the cold.

Warm, quilted uppers give these boots their distinctive look, but also keep your toes really toasty when it's cold. Suede reinforcements afford your toes a little protection from roots and rocks on the trail, and despite their fashion-forward appearance, the waterproof membrane kept us perfectly dry when we found ourselves wading through deep puddles.


• RRP: $180 / £180
• Gender specification: Women’s
• Sizes: US 5.5 - 10
• Weight (per boot): 14.1 oz / 400 g (women's US 6)
• Materials: Suede and nylon quilted upper, Primaloft insulation, Ortholite footbed, Danner Waffle outsole
• Colors: Fig Jam/Candy Apple, Butter cream
• Best use: Hiking 

There's no breaking-in required with these boots, which means you can get them out on the trail as soon as you buy them, but we wouldn't recommend using them on just any trail. Though the soles are pretty stiff and will protect your feet from rocky trails, the grip isn't up to the demands of ice or technical trails, so save these for well-maintained paths.

The insulating effect of the Primaloft insulation is noticeable once you start walking, but they appear to breathe well, however we wouldn't wear these on a warm day. These boots are really for anyone who wants a versatile boot that they can wear around town but also on the trails, and who wants to look good while they're at it.

Danner Women’s FP Movement Jag Quilt hiking boots: in the field

Danner Women’s FP Movement Jag Quilt boots

These boots are really for anyone who wants a versatile boot that they can wear around town but also on the trails (Image credit: Future)

As I've done with other Danner boots, I squealed with pleasure when I saw how pretty these boots are, but I was also curious to see whether they could actually hold up on a hike. Danner certainly knows what they're doing when it comes to hikers, but between the cute quilted uppers and trainer-style soles, could these really keep me safe on a trail? I've been testing them out around Scotland for the last six weeks in plenty of cold weather.

Here's how they performed:

Sizing and fit 

As usual, I went up a half size and I'm pretty happy with how these fit. I've been wearing them with a lightweight pair of wool hiking socks and I have enough room to wiggle my toes, though I do think a full size up would give the best amount of room in the toe box. They ankle cuff isn't the snuggest, but when I lace them up properly my heel is nicely locked down with no rubbing.

Danner Women’s FP Movement Jag Quilt boots

The waffle sole isn't enough traction for icy conditions (Image credit: Future)

Comfort and weight 

Unlike the Danner Mountain Pass boots which took a fair amount of breaking in, I was  able to wear these right out of the box. Because of how they look, I wore them around town first of all out of an abundance of caution, but when I hit the trail for a 10k lakeside walk in them, I had no issues. 

Even though the quilted uppers are nice and plush, the soles are surprisingly stiff despite appearing like a sneaker sole. This means they're actually not as comfortable for walking around town than you might think, but they are well suited for trail walking and longer distances as a result.

They're among the lightest boots I've worn which makes them really suitable for longer walks.

Weatherproofing and breathability

I was genuinely surprised to see that these boots are waterproof. They just don't look like they'd be able to hold water at bay, but we've had a lot of rain here and just the other day I encountered a series of large puddles on the trail that were about three inches deep and couldn't be avoided. I strode right through them and the water just rolled off leaving them look as good as new. The pictures in this review show them after that walk, and you really can't tell they've been half submerged.

The Primaloft insulation really does keep my feet warm. We've had a lot of cold weather here lately and I noticed my feet are really toasty when I'm wearing these. They almost feel too warm for longer cross country walks, which is where my feet tend to be at their hottest, but I've noticed my feet don't get sweaty in them, so I think the breathability is good. That said, I certainly wouldn't wear these in the summer.

Protection and grip

As I've mentioned, the soles are stiff which lends protection against rocky trails and there's some protection around the uppers, but the traction on these boots is not meant for technical hiking, and in particular doesn't hold up against ice, which I learned the hard way. I find this slightly at odds with how warm the boots are, since they're obviously built for cold weather, but only if it's not icy out. They are really best suited for clear, well-maintained paths on cold days.

Danner Women’s FP Movement Jag Quilt hiking boots: the bottom line 

Honestly, what I love these boots for is if I'm going on a trip and want to look good but also be able to get off-road. They're really cute for pub walks and even winter walking holidays where you don't want to pack loads of pairs of shoes or look too much like a hiker in the bar, but they're not for technical or summer hiking. If you want something stylish, you can't really find anything that compares to these, but for a lightweight hiker that can handle slightly more challenging terrain, check out the Helly Hansen Switchback Trail HT boots.

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