Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock review: an ideal hammock for two

Room for two? The Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock is ideal pick for camping couples

Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock
(Image: © Eagles Nest Outfitters)

Advnture Verdict

The Eagles Nest Outfitters double hammock is ideal for two people or solo hammockers who like a little more legroom.


  • +

    Roomy size makes for more comfortable sleeping for one person

  • +

    Two people can hang out in one hammock


  • -

    Added weight and bulk

  • -

    For two people it really only works for day-time, good weather lounging

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First impressions

The Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest Hammock isn’t quite the complete solution to doubling up it may promise, but it comes close and does have  fringe benefits, so it’s definitely one of our best hammocks. Two people sleeping through the night in one hammock is a romantic idea that rarely survives reality; our best sleeping pads, best sleeping bags, as well as limbs and bodies, end up tangled around each other and all too close for comfort.

Nonetheless this generously sized, and strong, double hammock provides real value in a number of ways. It’s ideal for a couple of people to lounge or take a siesta in when it’s warm enough not to need supplementary sleeping gear, making the Doublenest ideal to carry on a long day hike or to hang in the garden or park. Less obviously, for one person there’s real luxury in spreading oneself out across a bigger skin.


• RRP: $70 (US) / £76 (UK)
• Weight: 538g / 19oz
• Size: 286cm x 189cm / 112in x 74in
• Suspension system: Aluminium wire-gate carabiners, rope or straps not included
• Fabric: 70-denier high tenacity nylon taffeta
• Accessories included: Integral compression stuff sack
• Accessories available: Atlas adjustable suspension straps
• Colors: A few dozen rainbows’ worth of two-tone (even three-tone) variations, including camo and tie dye combos; ENO keep adding and deleting colorways but older ones are still available on other sites

In the field

There’s little more pleasant on a warm day than sharing a hammock with someone. Whether top-to-tailing whilst siesta-ing or reading, or sitting across the skin to chat or sunbathe, this double hammock can provide the rewards of downtime comfort and companionship, (companion not included in purchase), when you're on a long day hike or lounging around camp.

However, all that said, I wouldn’t contemplate trying to get actual, restorative, all-night sleep in a hammock shared with someone else. But, during testing, I discovered a real upside to using a larger hammock as a single sleeper. For a relatively small weight penalty a more generous size changes the hanging geometry of the hammock making it less constrictive and even easier to get comfortable in. It also meant more room for arranging sleeping mats, quilts and other cold weather insulation.

Jasper Winn

After a wild childhood in west Cork, Jasper Winn began embarking on long cycles, walks, horse journeys and kayak trips across five continents – adventures he’s decanted into books, magazine articles, radio and television documentaries. Keen on low-tech but good gear, Jasper is an advocate of slow adventures by paddle, pedal, saddle, boot and sail. He has circumnavigated Ireland by kayak and cycled across the Sahara. Twice. Having ridden north-to-south across Algeria he discovered the only way to get back was to turn round and pedal north again.