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Trespass Fleece Blanket review: a budget blanket that impresses for the price

Low-priced and decent sized, the Trespass Fleece Blanket is a functional but cosy fleece

Trespass Fleece Blanket
(Image: © Trespass)

Our Verdict

A cheap-as-chips fleece blanket that’s super handy for camping, picnics and casual trips outdoors. This fleece may offer limited warmth, but at under a tenner it’s great to have handy for summer tent adventures.


  • Very affordable
  • Soft and cosy
  • Decent size


  • Limited warmth

Trespass Fleece Blanket: first impressions 

Can you get a decent camping blanket for under a tenner? You can with the Trespass Fleece Blanket from Mountain Warehouse. 

This no-nonsense blanket is soft, cosy and roomy enough for one or two people to share. It’s easy to machine wash, and rolls up small enough to pop in a hiking backpack when you’re on the go.


• RRP: £7 (UK)
• Insulation: Fleece
• Weight: 350g / 12.3oz
• Blanket size: 120cm x 180cm / 47in x 71in
• Packed size: 20cm x 10cm / 8in x 4in
• Colors: Cerise / Charcoal / Cobalt / Denim / Fig / Heather / Navy Blue / Olive / Red / TOS
• Compatibility: A brilliant budget-friendly pick for any outdoor excursions

Trespass Fleece Blanket: in the field

Although it is, undeniably, a bargain, the fleece used in the Trespass blanket is on the thin side, and only offers limited warmth compared to heftier, down-stuffed camping blankets we tested out. But at this price, we can’t really knock it? It’s a functional fleece that makes for a nice lightweight layer on spring and fall forays. 

The affordability of this fleece makes it handy just to have around the house. Other reviewers report using these blankets for everything from caravan holidays to Scouts camp-outs. 

It’s just a pity Trespass don’t make this item from recycled materials, as many other outdoor outfitters do. 

We’d also recommend picking the dark colorways over the pale blue or cream options, which we found showed up dirt faster and needed more frequent washing when we tested them out on muddy camping expeditions. 

If you do wash this fleece, or get it wet, though, it dries very fast. And at the price, you can afford to buy a few to stick in your car, camper van, tent and garden ready for your next chilled-out evening around a fire.