Amazfit teases new 'ultimate adventure' watch – possibly the T-Rex 3

Amazfit adventure watch teaser
(Image credit: Amazfit)

Amazfit has posted a teaser for a new GPS watch, which will be released on May 18. According to a brief video shared on Facebook, the new device will help you "conquer the mountains" and "explore the underwater world".

So what will it be? As Gadgets & Wearables notes, there are a couple of possibilities. First of all, it could be a new addition to the extremely popular T-Rex series. The Amazfit T-Rex Ultra only launched in March, so it might seem premature to roll out a new device so soon, but Amazfit has never been interested in waiting years between launches.

Anyone who keeps and eye on its GT smartwatch lineup will know just how fast the company can turn out new products – probably an advantage of making all of its components in-house rather than relying on third parties.

The other possibility is a new iteration of the Amazfit Falcon, which made its debut in  October last year. Perhaps the most significant difference between the Falcon and the T-Rex series is water resistance. The Falcon has a water resistance rating of 20ATM, whereas the T-Rex Ultra has a water resistance rating of just 5ATM.

As much as I enjoyed using the T-Rex Ultra during testing, I won't be exploring the underwater world with it any time soon.

The video (which you can watch below) gives us a little glimpse of the watch's case, but the T-Rex and Falcon are so similar that it could be either. All we can see is a watch with four exposed screws on a black bezel, a metal bumper to protect the start and back buttons. It looks like the watch may also have the same double-articulated strap as the T-Rex Ultra, which is a nice feature that allows the chunky watch to fit nicely around even small wrists.

So which one is it? It's exactly a year since the T-Rex 2 stomped onto the scene, so it seems like an opportune time to release a successor. On the other hand, the T-Rex isn't the most sea-worthy watch, so the specific reference to underwater explorations might mean a Falcon is more likely.

It's even possible that Amazfit might have combined the two, creating a new, more water resistant T-Rex with the seafaring capabilities of the Falcon. We'll just have to wait until Thursday to find out.

Cat Ellis

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