Casio reveals 10 slick new G-Shock watches with sci-fi styling and '90s grunge designs

Casio G-Shock Metallic Color Dial Series watches in blue and green
(Image credit: Casio)

A new year means new G-Shock watches, and Casio has whipped the covers off 10 fresh designs that are currently available to pre-order in Japan, with international launches expected in the coming months. There's a kaleidoscope of colorways, from retro-futuristic neon shades to gritty, distressed metallics.

First, we have the Metallic Color Dial series, shown above, which includes two single-tone designs (the blue GA-110CD-1A2JF and green GA-110CD-1A3JF), and the two-tone gold and silver GA-110CD-1A9JF. Each one has a matt black resin band and bezel, with a combination of different textures used to highlight the individual components in the mechanical dial.

They have the usual set of basic G-Shock functions, including world time for 48 cities around the world, auto calendar, stopwatch, five alarms (one of which has a snooze function), and timer.

All three are priced at ¥18,700, which is approximately $130, but international prices and release dates have yet to be announced. 

Casio G-Shock gold metallic watch

The GA-110CD-1A9JF has a two-tone gold and silver dial (Image credit: Casio)

Next, we have the Grunge Camouflage series, Casio fan site G-Central explains is inspired by grunge fashion from the 1990s. The two watches certainly fit with the current nostalgia for styles from 30 years ago, and would look the part when paired with a Nirvana hoodie.

The digital/analog GM-2100GC-1AJF and all-digital GM-5600GC-1JF both have a metal bezel that, according to Casio, has "been specially processed to create a pattern that looks like the metal has peeled off, expressing the coolness of grunge fashion." The GM-2100GC-1AJF is available to pre-order for ¥29,700 (about $200), while the GM-5600GC-1JF is ¥27,500 (about $190).

Casio G-Shock Grunge Camouflage series watches

The GM-5600GC-1JF (left) and GM-2100GC-1AJF (right) are designed to look as though their metal bezels are peeling (Image credit: Casio)

The Cyber Color series have a retro-futuristic look, using a combination of black and neon shades reminiscent of Tron. According to Casio, the design is "inspired by the world of science fiction, we adopted colors inspired by cyber and space." There are three versions to choose from: the black GA-B001CBR-1AJF with blue highlights, the blue GA-B001CBR-2AJF with yellow accents, and the translucent purple GA-B001CBRS-6AJF with pink highlights.

All three have Casio's Carbon Core Guard to prevent damage from drops and knocks, and are water-resistant to 200 meters. The GA-B001CBR-1AJF and GA-B001CBR-2AJF are priced at ¥19,800 (about $130), while the GA-B001CBRS-6AJF is ¥20,900 (about $140).

Casio G-Shock Cyber Color series watches

Casio's G-Shock Cyber Color series have a retro-futuristic look (Image credit: Casio)

Finally, there's the G-Shock GMA-S110VW Skeleton women’s series, comprising the pink GMA-S110VW-4AJF and the blue GMA-S110VW-2AJF, which are available to pre-order for ¥20,900 (about $140). 

Both have white components within a translucent case "reminiscent of the world view of science fiction". The upper dial and indexes are finished with a metallic physical vapor deposited (PVD) coating.

Casio G-Shock GMA-S110VW Skeleton women’s series watches

The GMA-S110VW Skeleton women’s series feature white components in translucent, pastel-colored cases (Image credit: Casio)
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