Casio launches 'dirt' spattered G-Shock Mudman watch inspired by the grit of the Dakar Rally

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body collaboration watch
(Image credit: Casio/Toyota)

Casio has unveiled a new iteration of its extra tough G-Shock Mudman watch, which takes its inspiration from the gritty desert stage of the Dakar Rally. The watch is a collaboration with Toyota

The catchily named Casio G-Shock Mudman Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body (aka GW-9500TLC-1) is based on a downsized version of the GW-9500, and is the first watch in the series with stainless steel bezel parts.

The watch's case is black with a black ion-plated (IP) bezel and red details borrowed from the Land Cruiser 300 GR Sport. The black resin band is decorated with a pattern of sandy brown spatters reminiscent of a rally car that's been put through its paces in the desert. To finish the look, the button guard has a co-ordinating brown IP finish.

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body collaboration watch

(Image credit: Casio/Toyota)

Like many of the company's recent watches, it makes uses of bioplastics derived from castor bean oil and sugarcane to reduce reliance on virgin petrochemicals.

Inside, Casio's Carbon Core Guard structure protects against drops and knocks, while the exterior is mud-resistant, with buttons protected by stainless steel parts and fitted with gaskets to prevent ingress of dirt and water.

The watch features features a dual-layer LCD display, with the upper layer serving as a compass and the lower level showing the time, date, and other information. Turning on the backlight reveals a hidden Toyota Land Cruiser logo.

The GW-9500TLC-1 will be available to order direct from Casio on February 1, with a list price of £399 (about $500).

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