Casio reveals titanium G-Shock watch inspired by ancient art of swordmaking

Casio G-Shock MRG-B2000GA-1A
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has revealed a new G-Shock watch that takes inspiration from traditional Japanese swordmaking techniques. Like the recently revealed glowing 'solar flare' G-Shock Mudmaster GWG-2040FR-1A and MTG-B3000FR-1A, the new G-Shock MRG-B2000GA-1A was released to celebrate the brand's 40th anniversary. 

As Casio fan site G-Central explains, the MRG-B2000GA-1A is a limited edition run of 500 pieces, and has a unique bezel pattern that echoes the wavy Ayasugi grain seen on traditionally forged steel sword blades. 

Rather than steel, the watch's bezel is made from pure titanium and Ti64 titanium, treated using a recrystallizing process and arc ion plating to create a pattern that's different on each piece.

The watch's case has a pattern that resembles the visible martensite crystals (nie) seen on some sword blades, with a deep hardening and titanium carbide treatment to help it shrug off shocks and knocks.

Specs and price

It's not a GPS watch, but will have Bluetooth connectivity so you can adjust settings and sync them time through your smartphone. It'll also offer all the usual timekeeping functions you'd expect from a G-Shock watch, such as world time, stopwatch, countdown timer, and daily alarm.

It will also have a hand shift function, which moves the hands out of the way so you can more easily see the subdials, and a Super Illuminator LED backlight.

The MRG-B2000GA-1A will go on sale in Japan next month for ¥935,000 (roughly $6,300). International pricing and availability has yet to be announced. 

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