Casio teams up with The North Face and Supreme for special G-Shock watches

The North Face Casio G-Shock watches in black, yellow, and white
(Image credit: Casio / The North Face)

Casio has teamed up with The North Face and streetwear brand Supreme to create a new line of outdoor-ready G-Shock watches, plus winter clothing designed to show them off.

The collaboration is a new take on the classic G-Shock DW-6900, in vivid colors and decorated with The North Face and Supreme branding on the strap. The North Face's logo is also emblazoned on each watch's face, and the Supreme logo appears when the electroluminescent backlight is activated.

As Casio fan site G-Central reports, prices for the three watches have yet to be announced, but they will be available to buy in Supreme stores in the US and Japan/

The North Face and Supreme's Fall 2022 collection also includes a taped seam shell waterproof jacket with a three-layer nylon shell and taped seams, which has a transparent window so you can see your watch without pulling up the cuff.

The North Face taped seam jacket with transparent watch window

(Image credit: Casio / The North Face / Supreme)

There's also a half-zip hooded pullover, sweater, long-sleeved top. hooded sweatshirt, sweatpants, beanie hat, and a double sleeping bag for your next camping expedition (see out guide are double sleeping bags a good idea if you're considering investing in one).

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