Coros takes the fight to Garmin with major software update

Man rock climbing wearing Coros Vertix 2 watch
(Image credit: Coros)

Coros is rolling out an important software update to its best GPS watches that adds a bundle of new tools and features to improve workout tracking. The update is coming to all Coros Apex Pro, Pace 2, Vetix, Vertix 2, and Kiprun 500 watches over the coming days, following a successful beta launch.

One of the most important features is the ability to set a rate of perceived exertion (RPE) and add notes after any activity – not just running and cycling, which are the only sports that support RPE on most watches. The RPE screen won't appear automatically once you've completed a workout, but you can select it from the activity summary screen, and edit your RPE score and notes in the Coros app afterwards.

Rate of perceived exertion on Coros Pace 2 and Vertix watch faces

You can now set a rate of perceived exertion after any activity (Image credit: Coros)

You can now also choose different target intensities for your workouts, such as percentage of maximum heart rate, percentage of heart rate reserve (the difference between your resting and maximum heart rates), percentage of lactate threshold heart rate, and percentage of threshold pace.

Pull to sync

There are some small updates, too. When creating a workout around a goal, you can now select the type of units – meters, yards (in swimming only), kilometers, or miles. You can also sync your watch when you're viewing the list of recent activities in the mobile app by pulling down on the screen (something that was previously only possible from the app's homescreen).

If you'd like to be the first to test this type of software update in the future, you can now sign up for the beta program through the Coros app. Once you've entered your details, you'll see a link that you can use to download the public beta app. This will be available through Testflight on iOS, or the Google Play Store on Android. 

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