70% of Craghoppers products to be made of recycled materials for winter 2020

Craghoppers Mindfully Made sustainability program
Craghoppers make recycling an integral part of their new Pember Jacket (Image credit: Craghoppers)

Outdoor clothing brand Craghoppers has taken sustainability into the heart of its Autumn/Winter range for 2020. James McNamara, Sales Director at Craghoppers, has announced that 70% of Craghoppers products in Autumn/Winter 2020 will be made from recycled materials. 

This figure is up from 12% for Autumn/Winter 2019 -  a significant increase for a brand already highly focussed on sustainability. Across the board, from this year's new waterproof jackets to Craghoppers' much-loved Kiwi trousers, each garment has been carefully created to maximize the use of recycled materials. 

Sustainability forms part of Craghoppers' Honesty Project: an honest way to address four key areas where the business has an impact, namely sourcing, product, social impact and the environment. 

A key example of these sustainability developments is the men’s Pember jacket. It has recycled content in almost all its elements, including the padding (100% recycled), labels, buttons and zip tapes. Craghoppers' classic Kiwi trousers have also been sourced using recycled materials. The new style will feature green waistband lining and hanger loops, plus new recycled buttons and pullers, differentiating it from the existing Kiwi trousers. 

Jim McNamara, MD, said he hoped customers would be "blown away by the huge step forward in our sustainable approach and by the look and feel of the products themselves". He continued, "We haven’t compromised on technical detail either, which is vital.”

In addition to the high percentage of recycled material in the products, Craghoppers will also be reducing the amount of paper in swing tags, using less water in the dyeing process and using kinder dyestuff in line with Bluesign. 

In 2019, Craghoppers set out three bold goals: stopping global warming, restoring biodiversity and protecting the oceans. They have made pledges for 2021 and beyond, such as reducing packaging weight by 50% and improving container efficiency. They're also committed to be 100% palm oil and animal free by 2021. For the environmentally conscious person, who spends time outdoors, they are certainly a brand to watch.

Find out more about the Craghoppers Sustainability work on their website.

Emily Woodhouse

An adventure writer based on Dartmoor, England, Emily is an active member of Mountain Rescue and a summer Mountain Leader, but loves all things adventure – before her third birthday she had lived on three continents. Founder of Intrepid magazine, she works to help break stereotypes about women in the outdoors. Her expeditions have included walking all Dartmoor’s 119 tors in a single two-week outing, cycling to Switzerland and back, and riding the Rhine from source to sea.