Super tough Garmin Instinct Crossover hits lowest ever price at Amazon

Man chopping wood while wearing Garmin Instinct Crossover watch
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Right now, you can pick up the Garmin Instinct Crossover for just £279.99 at Amazon. That's a huge saving of £20 off the list price, and the cheapest this smart hybrid GPS watch has ever been. 

The Instinct Crossover combines the fitness tracking chops of a typical Garmin watch with an analog face, giving it the look of a more conventional field watch. When I tested it for Advnture, I was impressed by its fun and different design, excellent battery life, and great GPS location tracking (it's one of the most accurate sports watches I've tested when it comes to tracking runs and hikes).

If you're not in the UK, scroll down to the bottom of this article for the best deals on the Garmin Instinct Crossover near you. Looking for something different? I'll be rounding up all the best Garmin deals in next week's Amazon Prime Big Deal Days event, plus the best Black Friday Garmin deals in November, so stick with Advnture to make sure you don't miss out.

Garmin Instinct Crossover:£349.99£279.99 at AmazonSave £70

Garmin Instinct Crossover: £349.99 £279.99 at Amazon
Save £70 This tough hybrid analog/digital watch is down to its lowest ever price at Amazon right now. The deal applies to the Blue Granite colorway (the black version is £20 more expensive).

The hybrid display is executed particularly well, with the hands moving to separate different parts of your workout data and highlight different menu options. It also has a mechanical system that prevents the hands from being jolted out of place when the watch gets a hard knock, or you need to grab your camping axe and chop some wood.

The only real downside is that the hands mean it's not the best for maps, as there's always going to be a hole in the middle. For everything else though, it's a great, practical option that comes highly recommended.

If you're not in the UK, here are the best deals on the Garmin Instinct Crossover near you, updated daily.

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