Garmin's smallest sports watch just got a spring makeover

Garmin Lily watches in gray and pink on abstract pink background
(Image credit: Garmin / Getty)

Garmin has just released two new versions of its smallest activity tracker for spring 2023. The Garmin Lily is now available with a cream gold stainless steel bezel, Braloba gray case and matching Italian leather band, or a cream gold aluminum bezel with a dust rose case and silicone band.

The Lily, which launched in January 2021, was Garmin's first watch aimed explicitly at women, and is designed to resemble a piece of jewelry when not in use. The LCD display is hidden behind a decorative metallic face with a subtle pattern until activated (the faces of the two new devices are decorated with leaves and flowers respectively).

As Notebookcheck explains, the screen can be activated with a twist of your wrist, or a tap of the face. Tapping the face repeatedly will activate the incident detection feature, which sends a text message and your GPS location to an emergency contact set up in the Garmin Connect app beforehand.

The Lily's case measures just 34mm diameter, and it's fitted with an extra narrow 14mm band designed for smaller wrists.

There's no on-board GPS, so the Lily relies on a Bluetooth connection to your phone to track your pace and route during outdoor activities. However, when I tested the Lily for Advnture's sister site TechRadar, I found it surprisingly accurate.

The Lily also monitors respiration, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate (with configurable alerts for high and low rates). Body Battery monitoring shows how much energy you've used and recovered throughout the day, and period and pregnancy tracking are available through Garmin Connect.

Cat Ellis

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