New Stanley cup colors are dropping at REI this morning

Collection of green hiking gear with green Stanley mug
(Image credit: REI / Stanley)

Stanley Quencher insulated camping cups are still in high demand, with the most popular colors selling out super fast, but REI has announced that new hues will be dropping at 9am PST today (February 13). Sadly the fuchsia color has sold out online (though you may be able to find it in your local REI store if you're lucky), but the store is promising something exciting to replace it. 

Stanley cups have rocketed in popularity over recent months, eclipsing the likes of Hydroflask and Yeti. Their appeal is down to various factors, including their good quality insulation, ability to fit in standard car cupholders, range of appealing colors, and vintage charm (Stanley itself is 111 years old).

Social media has also played a big part in the cups' success, particularly after Tiktok user Danielle Lettering posted a video of her burnt-out car, which was totally ruined with the exception of her Stanley Quencher cup. Not only was the cup intact after the blaze, it even had ice inside.

Two days after Lettering's video went viral, Stanley's media-savvy president Terence Reilly offered to send her some more cups, and replace her car. Reilly's video went viral, resulting in a huge publicity boost for the company and its products.

The standard cups sell for around $50, but rare and popular colors have fetched hundreds of dollars on the resale market. Last month, a 16-year-old made headlines after claiming her parents had spent $3,000 buying her every color on the market.

Check out REI's website to shop the new cups are soon as they drop.

Cat Ellis

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