Noticed a weird line on your Garmin watch's screen? There's a temporary fix

Woman stretching against tree wearing Garmin Forerunner 255 watch
(Image credit: Garmin)

The Garmin Forerunner 255 is one of the best GPS watches around, but following a recent software update, many owners have reported a strange horizontal line appearing on their watch's face.

On Garmin's support forums, users from around the world have reported the same problem: a dotted line that appears intermittently on their watch's screen. Sometimes the line is a single pixel wide, while other times it's much thicker. It's been reported on regular and custom watch faces, and during activity tracking.

The problem seems to have started following the update to software version 12.23 – a major release that added features including SatIQ (which allows your watch automatically switch satellite tracking modes) and improved daily workout suggestions.

Garmin's support staff are aware of the problem. and have suggested a way to clear it when it occurs.

"Just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that you can clear this dotted line by scrolling data screens either down or up one screen and then return to your previous screen," wrote a Garmin staff member. "While this will not permanently eliminate the issue, it is a temporary workaround."

Unfortunately the company doesn't know when it'll be able to roll out a fix that prevents the line appearing in the first place, but it says it will address the problem with a software update "in the near future".

Cat Ellis

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