Super lightweight Coros Apex 2 running watch gets a fall makeover in Dusty Pink

Coros Apex 2 watch in Dusty Pink
(Image credit: Coros)

The super light Coros Apex 2 has received a fresh look for fall, with a new Dusty Pink colorway.

When I reviewed the Coros Apex 2 in February this year, I was particularly impressed by just how light it feels on the wrist, which makes a real difference when it comes to running, and means it's barely noticeable as your arm swings. A lighter watch also means less bouncing, resulting in more accurate heart rate readings, and the Apex 2 compared very favorably to a chest strap heart rate monitor during testing.

Once you've used the watch for a few weeks, you'll unlock its full potential through Coros Evolab, which helps you monitor the effects of your training, balance work and recovery, and track your progress.

Following a recent update, the Coros app also offers straightforward route planning on your phone. This is extremely easy to use, allowing you to tap out a route on a map, then send it directly to your watch. 

The year of pink

As you'll have noticed, pink has been everywhere this year. Pantone's color of the year is a hot pink shade of Viva Magenta, and the launch of the Barbie movie in the spring brought a whole torrent of rosy shades. The color wasn't just limited to fashion, either, with even big outdoor brands like Yeti getting in on the action. The company released a range of drinkware and coolers in a shade called Power Pink.

Coros Apex 2 watch in dusty pink

(Image credit: Coros)

Coros takes a particularly poetic approach, saying that the new hue "pays homage to the delicate shades that grace the skies during dawn and dusk, reflecting a harmonious blend of toughness and grace that seamlessly transition from the rugged outdoors to refined urban environments."

It's certainly attractive, and includes a new pink watch face to match. The Dusty Pink Coros Apex 2 is available now direct from Coros for $349.

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