The North Face gets funky with "foam-tastic" sandals and sneaker hybrids

The North Face RE-Active shoes
(Image credit: The North Face)

The North Face has unveiled a new collection of rugged shoes and sandals that are made with outdoor adventures in mind. The RE-Activ collection is a set of three shoes made from durable, washable EVA, but has also caught the attention of sneakerheads the sneakerheads at sites like Highsnobiety, intrigued by the "foam-tastic" footwear.

The star of the collection is the new RE-Activ Slide – a soft shoe meant for comfortable ambling before and after a long run or hike. It has an open-toe design, but with an unusual cover over the big toe that's intended to provide extra support as you push off with your foot.

It has a two-layer sole unit with a mild rocker shape, and is made using rubbery bio-based EVA. It comes in black, white, blue, and the unusual mottled brown and purple colorway shown below.

The North Face RE-Activ Slide shoe

(Image credit: The North Face)

Next up, we have the RE-Activ Sneaker Sandal. Like other shandals, it's designed for use on land and in water, with cutouts that allow water to sluice through and drain easily (our roundup of the best water shoes contains lots more examples). 

Again, it features a rocker-shaped dual-layer sole unit, with different densities of EVA intended to absorb shock as you walk. Its elasticated lace system should keep it nice and secure, and The North Face recommends it for daily use, as well as "for tired feet after mountain climbing or trail running".

It's available in black, white, and the mix of blue shades shown below.

The North Face RE-Activ Sneaker Sandal

(Image credit: The North Face)

Finally, there's the RE-Activ Flip which, as the name suggests, is a flip-flop. It's recommended for wearing after hiking or running, and may make a good camp shoe for wearing around the tent. It comes in black, white, and neon yellow.

The North Face RE-Active Flip

(Image credit: The North Face)
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