There's a heap of free updates rolling out for your Garmin watch right now

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If you own a Garmin watch, there's good news – the company is currently rolling out a huge software update that will put a bundle of new tools on your wrist to help you train smarter, including several that were previously only available with top-end devices.

The update is available for supported Garmin Fenix 7, Epix (Gen 2), Forerunner, and Venu watches, plus Garmin Edge 540, 840, and 1040 series bike computers. A full list of which features are coming to which devices will be available on Garmin's website very soon.

Some of the highlights include Endurance Score and Hill Score, which first appeared on the Garmin Fenix 7 Pro and Epix (Gen 2) Pro earlier this summer. These two tools use various long and short-term metrics to measure your ability to run or ride for extended periods and tackle inclines, and show your progress over time. You'll receive a score and a rating to show how you compare to other athletes of your age and gender.

Maps and more

For strength training you'll get Muscle Maps, which let you preview which muscle groups will be worked during an upcoming HIIT, cardio, or pilates workout, helping you balance your training. The workouts app on your watch has also received an update, making it easier to find and organize workouts, including daily suggestions and workouts transferred from the Garmin Connect mobile app.

On the mapping front, you can now get relief maps that use color to show contours, helping you understand the lay of the land when running, hiking and cycling. There are also weather overlays for maps, so you can plan your activities and make sure you have the right gear for the conditions (hopefully you'll never get caught without your waterproof jacket again).

For cyclists, the highlight of the new software update will be GroupRide, which lets you plot a route and generate a unique code, which you can then share with friends and club riders so you can all see and follow the same course together.

The software update is rolling out in stages. To make sure you get it, open the Garmin Connect app on your phone, tap 'More', and select 'Garmin Devices'. Select your watch or bike computer, then scroll down to 'Software Update' and make sure automatic updates are enabled. You can also check for updates manually.

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