This beast of an e-bike is ready to haul 150lb of camping gear – or a friend

Person riding Ride1Up Rift e-bike
(Image credit: Ride1Up)

Ride1Up has launched a new budget-friendly all-terrain e-bike that can carry loads up to 150lb on its rear rack, making it perfect for bikepacking expeditions if you can't bear to leave your creature comforts at home. After all, who really wants to go adventuring without their camping coffee maker and camping pillow?

The new Ride1Up Rift is an adventure bike equipped with big all-terrain tires, a 120mm suspension fork, and four-piston hydraulic disc brakes to provide the stopping power you need when carrying heavy loads. Adventure bikes are a fairly new class of bicycle, and are similar to a gravel bike, but with extra braze-ons or racks for attaching a collection of bikepacking bags.

As news site BikeRumor explains, the Rift has an integrated aluminum rear rack for the heaviest loads, plus an optional front rack for essentials you want to access quickly. If you're feeling particularly generous, you can even replace the rear rack with a passenger seat and foot pegs to give a friend a lift.

Person riding Ride1Up Rift e-bike

(Image credit: Ride1Up)

The Rift is class two/three capable, with a top speed of 28pmh in pedal-assist mode, and 20mph when run solely from the throttle. Rules on e-bikes vary, so make sure you check out whether it would be legally classed as a bicycle where you live.

It has a range of 40-65 miles depending on the load, terrain, and your riding style. As always with e-bikes, more cargo, hills, and rough terrain will all mean you need to charge more frequently, or be extra frugal with the motor.

The Ride1Up Rift is available to order now for $1,895. That's certainly not pocket change, but very reasonable for a pack mule of an e-bike. It's available with a choice of step-over or step-through frames, and comes in forest green, Arctic white, and graphite gray.

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