Your Garmin watch is getting a big update that makes some really useful changes

Garmin Fenix 7S updating to software version 8.37
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Garmin is rolling out an important firmware update for the Fenix 7, which will make some very useful changes to the watch's strength training mode. According to an official blog post first spotted by Notebookcheck, Garmin is now rolling out firmware version 8.37, which also makes a range of bug fixes.

One of the biggest changes is the ability to delete strength workouts from the watch rather than delving into the Garmin Connect app, which is a real boon if you're in the middle of a gym session and don't want to reach for your phone.

You can also now add workout-related 'interval' fields (such as time, distance, pace, or reps) to configurable data screens. This will allow you to see how much of the interval is left at a glance, and should prove particularly helpful for weight training, sprint training, and indoor cycling using a turbo trainer.

Squishing bugs

The Fenix 7 (which currently holds the number one spot in our guide to the best GPS watches) is also getting various small tweaks to correct minor but irritating bugs. For example, Garmin has corrected an issue that sometimes causes the watch to revert back to the standard power mode after a wearer has selected something different, which could be a real issue if you've deliberately chosen power-saving mode to conserve battery life on a long trip off-grid.

Navigation is one of the Fenix 7's strong suits, but a bug meant that occasionally roads wouldn't be drawn correctly. That problem has now been fixed, as has an issue that prevented the watch correctly calibrating the distance run on a treadmill.

If you found you were receiving unusually poor VO2 Max and Performance Condition estimates, you'll be pleased to know that this has now been solved too.

If your Fenix 7 is still on an earlier software version, don't worry; the rollout is happening gradually, and Garmin says all users will receive it "as time passes". To make sure automatic updates are enabled, hold your watch's menu button, then scroll down to 'Settings' and select 'System'. Scroll down again and select 'Software update'.

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