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Snugpak Journey 4 review

The Snugpak Journey 4 is a good size compromise; it's portable and weatherproof but with more living space than a one-room backpacking tent

Snugpak Journey 4
(Image: © Snugpak)

Our Verdict

Under £300 is a decent price for a tent that works for both camping weekenders and shorter backpacking distances – and can withstand some serious weather.


  • Compact
  • Lighter than most multi-room tents


  • No standing space
  • A squeeze for four

First thoughts

Snugpak Journey 4 offers a great middle ground between hefty family tents and dinky backpacking numbers. It’s a compact size and a portable weight but offers far more living space than a bedroom-only backpacking-style tent.

The Journey sleeps four adults (or three with lots of space) in one bedroom, with a separate living room and porch for kit and for sheltering in in bad weather, which the tent will happily withstand thanks to a super waterproof flysheet (with a hydrostatic head of 4,000mm) and groundsheet (hydrostatic head 5,000mm).

This isn’t a tent you’d want to spend hours in on a long holiday, and there’s no standing room inside, but for a camping weekend or a festival where you’re out exploring for most of the day and want shelter from the elements at night, it’s perfect.

The Journey 4 is slightly on the large and heavy side for backpacking, but you could easily split it into two if you want to take it off the beaten track.

In the field

We took the Journey 4 on traditional camping trips as well as on a backpacking foray on Dartmoor to really test its mettle.

The tent is slightly on the large and heavy side for backpacking, so it wouldn’t be our first choice as a trekking or wild camping tent, but we found you can easily split it into two parts to divide it between two (or more) hikers’ backpacks if you do want to take it off the beaten track.

The bedroom is definitely snug for four, but works for three, and is positively palatial for two, and the very roomy porch is ideal for storing multiple packs and pairs of boots out of the rain.

Even open, the porch offers decent coverage from the elements, so it’s a good place to shelter while you prepare food or mind the stove. A side door helps with getting things organised or popping outside in the night.