Amazfit launches its toughest GPS watch yet, with super long battery life

Amazfit T-Rex Ultra watch in sand and black colorways
(Image credit: Amazfit)

Amazfit has launched the T-Rex Ultra – a new addition to its lineup of rugged GPS watches built for life outdoors. The T-Rex Ultra has been redesigned with a new, more rugged case featuring double-articulated lugs to ensure a more comfortable fit on different sized wrists and during intense workouts.

It also offers extended water resistance, and can be used for free-diving at depths up to 30 meters. Its AMOLED touchscreen is capable of up to 1,000 nits brightness, making it clearly visible in any lighting conditions, and works together with four mud-resistant physical buttons around the edge of the case.

The T-Rex Ultra also offers multi-band GPS, and can switch bands on the fly for the most accurate results based on signal strength in tricky areas such as near cliffs and in dense woodland.

Perhaps most impressive of all is its battery life. You can expect the watch to run for around 20 hours between charges in typical use, and that can be extended to 28 days in power-saving mode. That's impressive for any GPS watch, and practically unheard of for one with an AMOLED display,

Upp updates

The T-Rex Ultra connects to the Zepp mobile app (Zepp being Amazfit's parent company). This is also received some welcome updates, including a new Zepp Coach training tool, which plans out a schedule of daily workouts to help you achieve your next goal, whether it's running your first race or smashing a personal best.

You can also download maps to your watch for offline use, so you can navigate without data connectivity. I've been testing the new watch for the last few weeks and have been very impressed, so check out Advnture's full review now.

The T-Rex Ultra is available now direct from Amazfit, from Amazon, and from Aliexpress for $399.99.

Cat Ellis

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