Casio debuts special 30th anniversary Frogman diving watch packed with updates

Casio GW-8230B-9A watch superimposed over photo of sea and rocks
(Image credit: Casio / Getty)

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of its classic Frogman diving watch, Casio has released a new special edition device with lots of interesting upgrades.

As Casio fan blog G-Central reports, the Casio Frogman GW-8230B-9A is the first watch in a whole new line of watches, and features upgrades including a titanium case and LED backlight. You also get dive time and interval measurements, plus a dive log, and sun and moon graphs.

It also features a solar cell; we don't yet know how long it'll last on a single charge, but as the Frogman isn't GPS-equipped, it's safe to say it'll be far longer than any Garmin watch or the new Apple Watch Ultra, which does double duty as a dive computer.

Like many of Casio's recent adventure watches (including the bushcraft-inspired Pro Trek PRW-6900 and the hiker-friendly Pro Trek PRG-340), the Frogman GW-8230B-9A features a band and case made using bioplastics to reduce reliance on petrochemicals. Rather than crude oil, Casio's preferred material is derived from sustainably grown corn and castor beans.

The watch will be released in Japan in October, and details of an international launch are expected soon. It's priced at ¥77,000, which is approximately $540.

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