Casio's latest hiker-friendly watch will help you find your way without GPS

Casio Pro Trek watch
(Image credit: Casio)

Casio has revealed a fresh new Pro Trek digital watch, which will make life easier when you need to navigate using a map.

Even the best GPS watches will sometimes be scuppered by heavy tree cover, cliff faces, and other obstacles that block the radio signal or make it bounce. That's why it's essential to know how to read a map and how to use a compass – and that's where the new Pro Trek PRG-340 comes in.

This tough watch features a digital compass (plus a thermometer and altimeter), and has specially designed lugs so you can lie it completely flat against a map while you take a bearing. The watch's bezel is marked with cardinal directions and can be rotated.

Going green

As Casio fan blog G-Central reports, the PRG-340 is slightly slimmer and lighter than its predecessor, the PRG-240 (down from 66g to a mere 54g), with a larger front light button that's easier to hit in the dark, or when wearing your best hiking gloves.

The newer watch also makes use of bioplastics to reduce dependence on virgin oil-based plastics. This is something we've seen in several of Casio's other sports watches over recent years, and although it's only a small amount of material, it's still a welcome touch.

There are three versions of the watch currently listed on Casio's international website: the black PRG-430-1, the green PRG-430-3, and the titanium PRG-430T-7. They are expected to go on sale later this month.

Cat Ellis

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