Coros launches Apex 2 Pro Chamonix Edition watch to celebrate the home of UTMB

Coros Apex 2 Pro Chamonix Edition on rock
(Image credit: Coros)

Coros has released a new limited edition version of its Apex 2 Pro running watch to celebrate Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, the home of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc race – widely regarded as the world's toughest ultramarathon. 

The Coros Apex 2 Pro Chamonix is a limited edition of 3,000 pieces, and has a special blue and gray colorway said to represent the colors of Mont Blanc's highest elevations where the rock meets the sky.

It's available to order now for $449/£449 direct from Coros, selected third-party retailers, and Amazon.

Coros Apex 2 Chamonix Edition watch

Only 3,000 Coros Apex 2 Chamonix Edition watches will be made (Image credit: Coros)

When we reviewed the Coros Apex 2 Pro earlier this year, we were particularly impressed by its tough, lightweight build that's well suited to long races, and its remarkable battery life of up to 75 hours in GPS mode.

Its bright, clear screen makes for easy reading even in bright sunlight, and there's 32GB storage for offline maps so you can navigate without relying on mobile data. 'Deviate' alerts will warn you if you've strayed off-course and tell you how to get back on track, which is an extremely useful feature.

Our only real complaint at the time was the inability to plot a route within the Coros mobile app, but that all changed in April when the app got a complete revamp that includes one of the best route planners we've seen for a sports watch.

While some apps only let you specify an overall bearing and distance for your route, the Coros app lets you draw your own courses, add waypoints, and edit routes right on your phone. Once you're done, you can transfer it straight to your Coros Apex 2, Apex 2 Pro, or Vertix 2 with a couple of taps.

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