Garmin announces huge update for your watch – including skin temperature tracking

Woman checking sports watch during workout
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Garmin has officially announced a huge bundle of updates for watches including the Fenix 7 series, Enduro 2, Epix (Gen 2), Forerunner series, and Venu 3.

One of the most interesting new features arriving on your wrist in the coming days is skin temperature tracking, which will show how your average overnight skin temperature changes over time. Once your Garmin watch has established a baseline, deviations can be an indication of illness, increased need for recovery after exercise, or just the temperature of the room where you're sleeping.

Following the new update you'll also have access to Garmin's new Sleep Coaching tool, plus nap detection, which identifies short periods of sleep during the day and factors them in when determining how much sleep you'll need to recover at night.

Your watch's Body Battery tool is getting an upgrade too, and now breaks down how different factors like activity, stress, nightly sleep and naps affect how much energy you have for the day ahead.

More running metrics

Watches that don't already offer running power and wrist-based running dynamics like stride length, cadence, and vertical oscillation will now do so, giving you insights into your running form without the need to an extra wearable device like a foot pod.

Custom watch faces have received an upgrade, with more customizable options available in the FaceIt tool in Garmin Connect IQ, and if you own an Android phone, you'll now be able to see previews of pictures sent to you using messaging apps like WhatsApp.

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