Garmin Edge 830 bike computer bundle hits record low price

Man standing beside bike at sunset using Garmin Edge 830 bike computer
(Image credit: Garmin)

Right now, you can grab a Garmin Edge 830 sensor bundle for just £358.56 at Amazon, including the cycle computer itself, plus a speed sensor, cadence sensor, and chest strap heart rate monitor. It's terrific value, and this is the cheapest I've ever seen it, even on Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday

The Edge 830 is one of the best cycle computers you can buy today (in fact, it's the one I bought my husband for his birthday earlier last year) thanks to its great touchscreen, which is so much easier to operate than buttons, superb maps with support for all Komoot, Strava, TrailForks and more, plus Garmin Firstbeat and cycling dynamics to support your training. This bundle also includes a mount, plus a remote control so you can operate the Edge 830 without taking your hands off the bars.

If you're not in the UK, scroll down to the bottom of this page for the best deals on the Garmin Edge 830 where you are. 

Garmin Edge 830 Sensor Bundle:£430£358.56 at AmazonSave £71.44

Garmin Edge 830 Sensor Bundle: <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon UK"">£430 £358.56 at Amazon
Save £71.44 This is the cheapest we've ever seen this great value bundle, and the Edge 830 alone currently costs £339.69 at Amazon, so it's an even better deal than it first seems. If you're getting serious about your road cycling this spring, it's an excellent package.

Our colleagues at Cyclingnews praised the Edge 830 Plus when they reviewed it at launch. At first they noticed a few software quirks, but Garmin paid attention to feedback and has since ironed these out, making it one of the best cycle computers available today.

If you're not in the UK, here are today's best deals on the Garmin Edge 830 where you are:

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