Keen's new extra-tough hiking boots are come loaded with pioneering tech to stop them delaminating on the trail

Keen Targhee IV hiking boot
(Image credit: Keen)

Keen has launched a new edition of its popular Targhee hiking boot that uses a ground-breaking construction aimed at ensuring its layers won't separate and delaminate while you're on the trail.

If you've ever had that happen, you'll know what a nuisance it is – the midsole suddenly parts company from the outsole, and you've got to hold it all together with duct tape until you can get back to base, and to a store to buy a new pair, all while dirt, grit and water are soaking into your hiking socks. It's miserable.

The Keen Targhee IV is made using a new mechanical process that's designed to make that particular headache a thing of the past, creating a bond the company claims is "stronger than glue". The boot's outsole, midsole, and upper are joined using a combination of heat and pressure, to fuse them into one single piece.

Confused about which bit is which? Our guide to parts of a hiking boot will clear things up.

Keen Targhee IV in low and mid cuts

The Keen Targhee IV is available in mid and low cuts, in men's and women's versions (Image credit: Keen)

The boot's midsole is made using Keen's air-injected Luftcell material, and is bonded to an outsole made of the company's proprietary Keen.Rugged material, which it claims is twice as durable as rubber.

The upper is made from leather tanned by Leather Working Group certified tanneries, with a waterproof membrane inside and PFAS-free water repellent coating on the outside.

The Targhee IV comes in mid and low cuts, priced at £150 and £140 respectively, with men's and women's specific editions available. It will go on sale at retailers in the UK in the spring.

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