Polar launches upgraded Verity Sense heart rate monitor with personalized profiles

Man wearing Polar Verity Sense heart rate monitor on arm
(Image credit: Polar)

Polar has released a new version of its Verity Sense heart rate monitor, with new custom sports profiles for indoor workouts, personalized heart rate zones for swimming, and a choice of black or dark red straps – all for the same price of £86.50.

The Polar Verity Sense is an optical heart rate monitor, meaning it shines a light onto your skin and analyzes the light reflected back to detect your pulse, just like a sports watch. However, unlike a watch, the Verity Sense has a universal band that allows you to wear it higher on your arm.

This makes it a much better choice for activities that involve gripping actions (such as weightlifting and pull-ups), which can interfere with wrist-based heart rate monitors.

Wearing the sensor higher up your arm can also provide runners with more accurate readings, as there's less movement to create 'noise' in the readings. When it's time to hit the pool, you can pop the coin-sized device out of the band and attach it to your swimming goggles so it sits against your temple instead.

Data can be transmitted to a smartwatch or the Polar Flow all on your phone via Bluetooth or ANT+. When you're in the water and can't connect wirelessly, data is stored on the device to be synced later.

Cat Ellis

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