Samsung reveals Galaxy Ring in teaser video, but nothing about what it actually does

Samsung Galaxy Ring
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy Smart Ring with a 30-second teaser video at the company’s Unpacked event – a showcase of its new products – in San Jose this week.

But the teaser doesn’t actually reveal all that much about the Samsung Galaxy Ring.

The Galaxy Ring announcement was made by Dr Matthew Wiggins, a clinical research scientist at Samsung Research, following a presentation for a new Samsung health experience powered by Galaxy AI. It looked impressive, which implies Samsung has a lot of fail in the product, while not saying an awful lot. Is it a basic health monitor or a more sophisticated fitness tracker?

There have been rumors about the Galaxy Ring for month, and now it’s official. But what will it bring to the wearable tech table when it’s launched (which is expected to be in the summer of this year). For the moment, it’s all speculation and guesswork.

Pretty much all we have to go on, according to, is a patent filed by Samsung back in February 2023, stating that the Galaxy Ring is “intended to cover the categories of wearable smart devices in the nature of a smart ring for tracking, measuring, monitoring, and uploading health, fitness and sleep-related information.”

The design of the device (specifically the three sensor bumps you can see in the video) suggests it’ll have health monitoring capabilities – heart rate monitoring, temperature sensing, and motion detection, all the usual. But will Samsung be adding something more unexpected? Smart rings don’t tend to track things like cycling or running as they’re too small to contain GPS, but maybe Samsung will surprise us with a real game-changer (this is more wishful thinking than likely).

Grapevine whispers suggest that the Galaxy Ring will come in 13 sizes with three finishes, including ceramic and metal versions.