There's a new update for your Garmin watch – but you might not want it yet

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Garmin has released a new software update for the Forerunner 255 and 955 series, which makes some handy improvements to your watch, but some testers have reported issues after installing it.

As Notebookcheck reports, software version 14.08 is now available for members of Garmin's public beta testing program. If you've signed up for the program, the update will be installed on your watch automatically when it syncs with the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

The new software will improve graphs on your watch, and add the ability to scroll along with your fingertip on the touchscreen. It also improves the Auto Rest function for the Ultra Run activity, which records time spent at rest stations without having to worry about pressing buttons and potentially forgetting to restart tracking. There are also various other small fixes to activity tracking. You can find the full release notes on Garmin's website.

Software released through Garmin's beta program is nearly ready for general release, and the company was expecting to launch software version 14.08 to all watch owners very soon. However, it may choose to delay that decision after several beta testers reported bugs and glitches following the update.

Beta testers are invited to submit feedback in Garmin's bug reports forum, and several have noticed their watches behaving strangely. Several people from around the world have reported that their watches no longer vibrate when they receive an incoming phone call.

One user explained that their watch was stuck in a boot loop, constantly restarting and failing to connect to their phone. Another person explained that their watch had rebooted itself during a run.

It may turn out that these issues are unrelated to the update, and the timing is a coincidence, but Garmin is gathering details from testers so it can investigate.

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